abdominal exercises

Abdominal Exercises :

While opting for any kind of abdominal exercises, it is iAbdominalmportant to focus on the following sets of muscles for effective results- abdominal, lower abdominal and oblique muscles.  There are various sets of exercises which can be tried on for proper workout of these muscles.

Pelvic Tilt- This one is easy to do. Lie flat on the floor ( preferably over a non-slipping mattress) with the knees in bent position. Keep the arms straight on the sides and leave the legs in parallel position. Now with the help of lower abdominal muscles pull the lower back in the floor direction. Be careful not to use the leg or the buttock muscles so that only the muscles of the lower abdominal gets used. Hold on to the position for  about 5 seconds. Repeat this set at least 5 to 10 times daily for effective results.

Trunk Curl- This exercise focuses on the upper abdominal muscles and hence the name trunk Curl. This can be done by lying straight on the ground with knees in bent position. Arms should lie on the chest in crossed form. Now use the upper abdominal muscles to raise the chest to about 15 degrees above the ground. Hold on for about 5 seconds and then slowly lower the trunk back to the position on ground. Care should be taken to focus the rising of trunk by a slight degree only or else the muscles of the leg will come into action.

Leg Shifts- This exercise is also referred to as the water exercise owing to the fact that this is usually inside the pool. One needs to stand in the pool with one hand fixed on the edge. This gives a firm position to the body. Now slowly, raise one leg straight up so as to make 90 degrees. Hold on for 3 seconds and then slowly lower it back to the same position on ground. A set of 5 for each leg is recommended.

Sits Ups- This is a good and easy exercise for the abdominal muscles. This can be done by sitting on an exercise ball( which is available in sports shop). The position should be straight upright with feet flat on the ground and arms overhead. Now lean back with the help of hip muscles and hold on for about 5 seconds. Use the abdominal muscles to sit up setting the heels to its original position. Repeat this set 5 times ( minimum or can slowly go up to 10 sets).