Back Exercises

Back Exercises Overview:

Back exercises are important to strengthen the back muscles( much required in the present times due to the working habits). Embedding these exercises in the daily routine will promote back-exerciseshealthy posture and a stronger spine. The good point is that there are loads of exercise forms available which can be chosen as per needs and whims.

Leg Raises- An easy exercise which can be done even by newbies. To start off with, lie on the ground (preferably over a mat) with the stomach facing the ground. Keep the body straight such that the neck is in line with the leg. Stretch the arms over the head. Now slowly raise and lower each arm and each leg. A set of 5 is recommended. After singles, try out alternating combinations such as lifting right arm and left leg at the same time. Though this may take some time to get used to, it is a very effective exercise for the back. Set of 5 alternating pairs done twice a week will give you wonderful results.

 Arm and Leg Raises- This set of exercise is similar to the one mentioned above with the slight difference of using arms and knees instead of lying down on the stomach. ( more like a crawling position). First start off with the arm exercise. Stretch the right straightarm forward, such that the neck and the body are straight in line. Hold it for 5 seconds and then return it back to its original position. Repeat 5 sets for both arms. Then flex the legs by slowly straightening them outwards (be careful to keep the body straight). Hold on for 5 seconds and then slowly bring the leg back to its original position. Here too, set of 5 is recommended for each leg. Combination of alternating arms and limbs such as right arm and left limb (and vice versa) can also be tried.

Cat Curls- This exercise resembles that of a cat and hence the name. Position yourself in a crawling manner( with all the fours on the ground). Now slowly arch the back and hold on for 5 seconds. Then return back to the original neutral position. A set of 3-5 can be done on a daily basis.

Water Exercises- Back exercises can also be done in water (if that’s where you are more comfortable). Stand in the pool with one hand holding to the edge. Slowly, raise one leg forwards such that it forms 90 degrees with the body. With the help of hands, slowly bring the knees towards the chest and keep still till a count of 5. Now slowly, bring the leg back to the original position. Repeat the same with the other leg. A set of 3 to 5 is recommended for effective results.

Exercise Ball- An exercise ball can be used as a prop for doing some back exercises. Lay on the ball with the stomach on it and stretch the hands and legs( keep the toes on the walls for Reverse Fly 2support). Now slowly, lift the head and the chest, keep still for 5 seconds and then return back to the original position. A minimum of 3 sets done regularly can bear great results.