Bone Fracture Treatment

Fracture treatment

How we treat a fracture depends on many factors, for example, if it is an open fracture with an open wound or a closed fracture, where the fracture is located, if it is a simple or compound fracture, if parts of the bones are split-off, if there are other injuries or diseases, and if the condition of the patient permits certain treatments or not.

Therapy options range from drugs, immobilization by using casts, splints or ortheses, physiotherapy and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system to the usage of implants, screws, prostheses or even concrete (also read vertebral fracture).

At Joints and Spine Center, we treat the below-mentioned bone fractures according to the modern biological osteosynthesis. In case of the biological osteosynthesis, the broken bones are connected with bioresorbable materials like plates and screws reconstructing the functionality of the bone quickly.

Biological osteosynthesis

  • fracture next to the hand (distal radius fracture)
  • forearm fracture
  • metacarpal fracture
  • humeral/humerus fracture
  • ankle joint fracture
  • fracture of the metatarsal bone / metatarsus and the toes
  • arthroscopically assisted treatment of fractures near knee and shoulder