Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery

knee-replacementEndoprosthetics is the surgical replacement of pathologically changed and damaged joints (‘wear and tear’) with artificial joints. It is also often called hip replacement surgery. The damaged and pain causing surface of the joint is removed and replaced by the articial joint.

Knee replacement surgery

Types of knee replacement total endoprostheses

There is a vast amount of artificial knee replacement endoprostheses that reach stable anchorage combined with a good function for every patients´ needs without unnecessary loss of bones.

Partial knee replacement

knie_schlittenprotheself only a part of the knee joint is affected by arthritis, it is possible only to replace a part of the knee. In case the inner medial joint cavity is affected and all ligaments are intact, it can be replaced by a sled prosthesis.

The advantages are bone saving and the often very small skin access. This minimally invasive technique shortens the rehabilitation period significantly.

Given an isolated arthritis of the lateral knee joint, the results of partial knee replacement are not sufficient, so that both parts of the joints have to be replaced by a resurfacing prosthesis.

Resurfacing knee replacement

knie_oberflaechenersatzprotheseDuring resurfacing knee replacement surgery, only the pathologically changed cartilage and the bone directly beneath it (that is also often affected) are removed. The surfaces of the thigh and the shin are covered with a metal surface and a thin synthetic sliding bearing (polyethylene inlay highly resistant to friction) between it. The metal components are implanted using bone cement, which enables the patient to directly strain the knee replacement with their whole body weight.

The fibular collateral ligament as well as the medial collateral ligament must not have any damage for resurfacing knee replacement, so that the joint is capable of granting a natural guidance of the own ligaments.

If the ligaments are already damaged, a coupled or partially coupled knee prosthesis should be used.


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