Microsurgery spine / decompression surgery spine

Micro-SurgeryDuring microsurgery, we use full anaesthesia, a special surgery microscope and corresponding fine instruments. Due to these we only need a small skin access. The use of the microscope makes a precise and very safe operation possible.Rehabilitation means are discussed with our physiotherapist and can be started one week after microsurgery.

Advantages of microsurgery in cervical or lumbar spine

  • walking is possible only a few hours after surgery due to the minimized access
  • often the pain vanishes directly after surgery
  • return to occupational and sports activities is possible only a few weeks after surgery


The Joints and spine center offers both Pre and Post operative treatments including complex surgeries for Spine, Joint Replacement- Hip, Shoulder,Knee. There are a
specific set of services for sports related injuries. The Center is fully equiped to handle trauma cases. See All Services


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