Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability

A shoulder instability occurs when the structures of the shoulder no longer manage to stabilize the shoulder permanently.

Symptoms shoulder instability

Comfortable with a shoulder instability affected often feel that the shoulder back and herschnappt or is not as usually anchored forward, backward or to the sides. The arm movements sometimes seem no longer to be controlled. Partly result from movements considerably pain, so often a posture is taken or only certain postures or positions of the arm are possible. Also, the range of motion of shoulder and arm may be limited.

The symptoms of shoulder instability at a glance:

  • Shoulder snaps back and forth or forward / backward / to the sides
  • Shoulder feels as if it is no longer firmly anchored
  • Movements appear partly uncontrollable
  • Movements sometimes cause pain
  • Posture is taken, or only some attitudes / position of shoulder and arm are possible

Cause of shoulder instability

The causes of shoulder instability can be varied. Firstly, ligaments, tendons, bones and the shoulder joint can / be weak in itself genetically soft, causing the instability of the shoulder is concluded. The instability, however, can also be caused by shoulder-intensive sports or activities or due to accidents with force to the shoulder or arm.

A shoulder instability can be caused when

  • the shoulder is dislocated ( dislocated shoulder / Schultergelenksluxation / Schulterausrenkung )
  • the shoulder joint is blown up ( shoulder joint demolition / AC blasting / shoulder joint dislocation )
  • a so-called SLAP lesion is present

Diagnostics shoulder instability

If a shoulder instability established a comprehensive orthopedic examination is often used in combination with imaging examination procedures such as such as  MRI  and possibly  X-ray . The best define can be different shoulder injuries by  MRI . Here in different structures such. B. muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bone can be investigated. In this case, if necessary, a well-tolerated contrast agent is injected to make certain structures more visible.

In some cases it may be necessary to perform a shoulder arthroscopy, wherein an endoscope through small incisions is introduced may be increased by examining the structures of the shoulder.

Therapy shoulder instability

Depending on the underlying cause of shoulder instability, the treatment options can be very different.Important for adequate therapy is the previous diagnosis using the orthopedic examination and imaging studies such as the shoulder MRI . Depending on the cause of shoulder instability are conservative therapies such as medication, physical therapy and strengthening the muscles or a shoulder surgery recommended to stabilize the shoulder.


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