Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder arthritis is less common than hip or knee arthritis causing a cartilage to wear and tear. Due to the reduction or worn out cartilage, the friction between anatomic structures increases and causes pain.

Shoulder Dislocation 

From the shoulder, dislocation is when the shoulder joint is dislocated or dislocated. It has the swivel head, usually located in the socket, leaving his natural position and can cause different symptoms.


3 types of shoulder dislocation can be distinguished:

  1. Traumatic shoulder dislocation - a dislocation of the shoulder by external action

  2. Habitual dislocation - a dislocation of the shoulder without directly apparent external influence, probably due to the plant

  3. Recurrent dislocation - a dislocation of the shoulder, which is repeated


Can be distinguished as the most common forms still Depending on the direction of dislocation of the shoulder:

  1. Dislocation of the shoulder forward (luxation subcoracoid)

  2. Shoulder dislocation backwards` (luxation infraspinatus)

  3. Dislocation of the shoulder down (infragledoidalis luxation/dislocation axillary)